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Defcon28: Crypto Hunt Clues

Just accumulating what I’ve got from the Defcon 28 badge and such:

This is the cipher on the back of the lanyard. Proper orientation (if there is one) unknown.
This is the outside spine of the cassette’s cover. The color cipher seems to decode to DEF CON SAFE MODE.
These are the three interior ciphers. Orientation for the colors is unknown.


Transcription of the arced text with the skull

Xbaw maek wzme pgty zvxy izwk iwhk lnhy agrl rrlp fsis xadh uflx dsqh rzrg qegu itwb wveq aslo moii xmzx mvea rtil yekd lvks jrbo arvy nmjz wodi gcxe tkrr cyir xbsu rwyf slwr ixyk lrwz sbzr zbpg rrrw hjsi alXX 1o57

Transcription of the text on the maroon background with either an 8 or ∞ symbol.

Here’s my first attempt at recording the cassette:


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