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Mod can mean a lot of things.

Mathematically, modulo (or mod for short) can mean a remainder — what is left over afterwards — so 17 mod 5 would be 2 — as seventeen divided by five is three, with two left over.  It can mean change. To modify, to change modes, to be modular.  Mod can mean your typical behavior, as in an individual’s modus operandi.  It can even mean to administer, as in to moderate a forum or one’s own tendencies.

Nearly all of these hold special meaning to me.

I am obsessive with hobbies — nearly like clockwork, every few months I dig in and find a new one, or unearth an old one.  Everything from breadmaking, letterpress printing, carpentry, digitizing scans of physical media, designing circuits, card games, magic tricks, online games, and even handcrafting cloth puppets, I’m always finding new and changing hobbies to spend the remainder of my day on.

So this is the log of my mods.

Please enjoy.


Cooking, Code, Carpentry, Letterpress.

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